South Mecklenburg high school, Charlotte NC. 2 years at USC Coastal College. More importantly, Lee's art education came from his early art collectors themselves. As an 18 year old kid living on his own, he would paint numerous pieces everyday and sell them for cheap. In his mind he was not only exercising his art skill but feeding himself so he could do it again the next day. Art Lee allowed it to become a daily cycle and really exercised his color theory and realism skills. Lee is certain this "drill" helped him see his true potential in regards to realism and color mastery
Please visit WWW.ARTLEE.COM for more. Art Lee Bivens has been a full time artist since he was 18 years old. His first big break came when RJReynolds Tobacco Co hired the talented young artist to paint the Smokin’ Joe Camel character. In 1991, Lee was fortunate to be the Atlanta Braves artist, Daytona Motor Speedway, Honda, BMW, Corvette, Lockheed Martin Aerospace (F22 Raptors’ official artist) major motorcycle and car racers, celebrities and the US Air Force. The Air Force artist appointment is for the rest of his life. For fun, he rides motorcycles either on the road race track or motocross and have won races in both and also won Nationals in SuperMotard. His bikes include 2016 YZ450, R6 and a 1969 BSA 650 Lightning.